Get Pre-Approved

Step 1:  Visit an experienced homeownership counselor to learn how much housing cost you can afford. This is a chance for a trained professional to help you review your mortgage eligibility and make a home buying plan. Banks and other mortgage lenders want to see that you have a solid financial record for mortgage approval. Do not worry if your credit is not perfect, though, because there are steps you can take to help clear up your credit report. If needed the counselor can also assist you with a savings plan for earnest money deposit, down payment and closing costs, and other home purchase expenses.

Step 2:  Meet with a mortgage loan officer to get pre-approved for a mortgage We want the process to be as smooth as possible for you! So NHI has created partnerships with specific mortgage lenders to provide mortgages to our homebuyers.

To self-check your credit use CreditWise from Capital One